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Sport Specific Training Services

Group Training Program

Gearing up for the cycling or triathlon season? Looking for an affordable, structured training plan that takes your individual training zones and competitive objectives into account? If so, you've come to the right place!

The JRM Multisport Group Training Plan applies your individualized training zones to an event specific weekly training program. Each periodized schedule is designed to meet the specific needs of the competitive cyclist or triathlete. And the best part: Unlike many other training plans floating around there out on the web, you won't have to worry about going it alone. The "GTP" allows you daily, email based communication with Janda Ricci-Munn, one of the region's premiere multisport coaches, so you'll be able to receive the individualized feedback you need to better hone your training on an ongoing basis.

Take the guesswork out of the training equation. Contact Janda to learn how you can take advantage of all that the GTP has to offer.

Group Training Plan

Group Training Plan

Triathletes & Cyclists

*Monthly Coaching Fee

$150 (triathletes)

$100 (cyclists)

Training Schedule

Weekly training schedule

Individidualized Training Zones

Determined & provided

Email Contact

Daily correspondence

Phone Contact

Initial consultation only

Data Review (power,heart rate GPS, etc.)

Daily review & analysis

Training Clinics & Group Workouts


Private Training & Testing Sessions

Additional fee ($50 hourly rate)

Race Day Logistical Planning

Provided for all races. Includes: Pre-race warm up routine, race day nutrition & hydration strategies, pacing strategy (power, pace and/or heart rate).